Friday, November 5, 2010

For Their Anniversary

My parents were married November 6th, 1954.  My Dad was 40 and my Mom was 24 at the time.  Holy age difference!!  Look how gorgeous they look.

They were married for 46 years until my Dad passed away in 2001.  

Here they are again on their wedding day with my brother and sister.  They were my Mom's kids from a previous marriage, and my Dad raised them as if they were his own.  I didn't come along until 20 years later.  I was definitely a surprise baby since my Mom was 44 and my Dad was 60!!  I look at these old black and white photos and feel like I'm looking at someone else's family.  I've always loved to look at them.  Here are a few more of my parents.

They were still dating in this picture.  That's my Dad's motorcycle.

*LOVE them*

On a different note - I wanted to say thank you to My Repurposed Life for letting me link up today.  This woman has some serious talent for repurposing old into new.  Go check out the drawer she turned into a memo center.  

Have a great weekend everyone!!



  1. I love it! Mom: beautiful; Dad: stud. Waitress, turtle soup and make it snappy!

  2. These pictures are treasures.........When I think of your mother and dad I don't think of them sitting on a motorcycle!! Wonderful....thank you for sharing them with all of us.



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