Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sarah's Summer House

Do you guys ever watch Sarah's House on HGTV?  It follows designer Sarah Richardson as she remodels and designs an entire house.  Each episode focuses on a room or series of similar rooms (like bathrooms, bedroom, etc), and the process she went through for each.  She's always budget conscious, and does a wonderful job of mixing old with new.

The latest series was called Sarah's Summer House.  In this one she tackles her husbands island getaway, which is entirely off the grid.  Here are a few of the after shots.  The rest can be seen here.

Check out those views!!

One of the reasons I enjoy the show so much is that I love Sarah's style.  Here are a few photos of her other work I found on her site.  She uses way more color than I would pick out for myself, but I like it!!


  1. I love Sarah Richardson! Cole's also a fan as I have made him sit through every episode of Sarah's House too :). The country house she did was my favorite.

  2. Isn't she great!!! Raven loves them too. The country house was great, although I never understand why she doesn't add more bathrooms.

  3. these are the times I wish I had tv.


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