Thursday, September 30, 2010

Etsy Shop of the Week: upup creative

Each week I’m going to pick an Etsy shop to feature that I’m obsessed with.  This week I’ve selected upup creative, who sell under the name upup.  upup creative sells stationery, invitations, cards, and other paper goods that are eco-friendly and very fun.  I’ve ordered several things from them, and have always been pleased with how quickly I’ve received the items, and how friendly the seller, Julie, is.
I used these personalized cards as my daughter's thank you notes for her birthday presents.

Love these gift tags - I never have a card when I need one!

A great hostess gift for all those holiday parties!

Lovely, simple wedding invitations.

I seriously love this poster, and am not sure why I haven't gotten one yet.

upup also has all these "crazy true cards" that I think are hilarious.

There are so many other products that I wanted to share, but you really should just go check upup creative out.  Julie also has a blog you can read here.

What are your favorite Etsy shops?


  1. Love EVERYTHING on here! Definitely know where to go now for personal "style" that's not just fashion-related. Love it Becky!

  2. I've been in DIY heaven for the past couple of days, getting ideas for a friend's bday party that I'm helping with. Have you seen the digi-mag called Parasol? great resource.


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