Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is it finally Fall??

Welcome!!  For my very first Blog post (I'm so VERY new to this), I just had to write about the lovely cool air this morning.  You see, we folks here it Atlanta have been suffering through nasty hot days, even now that it is September.  So, after having to wear a sweatshirt during my morning walk, I checked the weather forecast.  HIGH of 77!!!  Not in the 90's at all today! 

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my JCrew obsession.  It just wouldn't be right for me to not include them in my very first post (their feelings really would probably be hurt)!  In honor of the lovely weather this morning, I may have to go get this sweater....and maybe the boots - love them!!

photo courtesy of JCrew.com

What do you think?  Or maybe this one:

Hope you all are enjoying some Fall weather wherever you are!!!



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