Monday, May 16, 2011

Why Did I Wait So Long?

Saturday was my first trip to Scott Antique Market.  I have lived in Atlanta for 14 years and this is the first time I've been.  You're probably wondering why I waited so long.  I really don't know!  We've even had family stay with us from out of town so they could go, and I didn't join them.  To be honest, I haven't thought of myself as being an antique lover until recently.  I always thought of super fancy, elaborate pieces that just didn't fit into our lifestyle.  I do, however, love the rustic farmhouse style and industrial pieces.

We only made it to one of the buildings, but I think that was enough for our first time.  Here are a few pictures of what I found.

Love these cushions!

These would make cool coffee tables.  They were both sold by the time I left.

I almost made it home with a pair of these for my guest room.

Super fun burlap lined lights.

I really wish I had a good place to put something like this.

Another industrial style piece.

What I did make it home with was this rack of pegs that I'm going to hang in my mud room/entryway.  I'll take more pictures when I get it up on the wall.

I can't wait to go back!  Next time I'll be more prepared to look for specific items we need.  Otherwise it's a bit overwhelming.


  1. Love your purchase...can't wait to see it hanging!!

  2. LOVE scott's. I need to make another trip there soon.

  3. Love those cushions - got this posted on the wrong post - sorry!

  4. Wow ~ I wanna come shopping with you! Fabulous finds :)


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