Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Decorating

It's no real secret that I love Halloween.  I would really like to have an annual kids' costume party, but haven't been able to get it together both last year (pregnant) or this year (who knows why).  I've also been a bit slack about getting the decorations out this year, but did get a few out this weekend.  First some spiders for the porch.

Also some additions to my mantel.

You can find the silhouette picture here.
I found the owl this past weekend and it will be available in the shop soon.

I also found these cute marble owls - coming soon to the shop.

Now for my Halloween wish list.  I REALLY like these lace panels from Chasing Fireflies.  Maybe I can get them on sale after Halloween.

Aren't they fun?  They also have one with a witch and one with ghosts.

I've also always wanted to do this in my yard
courtesy of marthastewart.com

Love these gusy!  Also from marthastewart.com

Our house is on a street that connects with several neighborhoods.  Our first year here I was so excited to greet ALL the trick or treaters that were going to descend upon our house.  Boy was I disappointed!!  I think we got about 5 kids at the house that year.  The past 2 years we've gone to a friend's house instead, and left a bowl of candy on our porch for our trick or treaters.  Last year I swear there was more candy in the bowl when we returned than when we left!!

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  1. This is great Becky! You need your own show. I can't keep up with you.: )

  2. Becky ~ we have the same problem at Halloween! We are so close to Brier's North (the halloween mecca neighborhood) that no one comes here. So sad!

  3. Very cute! Visiting from A Few Good Pieces.

  4. Visiting from a few good pieces.I am excited about decorating our house all spooky this year



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