Monday, April 25, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Let me start this post by explaining that I do not have a green thumb.  I always have big plans for a large producing garden, or pots and pots of gorgeous colorful flowers.  I plant them, and then....generally ignore them!!  So, I'm always thrilled and amazed when something actually GROWS!  Here's a little of what is going on in my yard.

My blackberry bushes are blooming!  I don't get tons of them, but I'm always looking out for good recipes.  Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine had some interesting ones here.

The strawberries are blooming too.  There is seriously nothing better than fresh strawberries - just picked!  These rarely get made into anything - they just don't last that long.  They need to be mulched and weeded, but they just keep growing!

Guess what else is growing!  WEEDS!  This is where my veggies are supposed to go.  We've had a wet Spring, and the weeds have completely taken over.  There is some asparagus over there on the left, but the rest of it is unwanted.  I have TONS of work to do here!  My farmer's market has great transplants ready so I better get busy.  I'm hoping to at least plant tomatoes, peppers and green beans.  Oh, and basil, always basil.  I can't get enough pesto!!

Peaches!!  Can't live in Georgia without these, right?  Last year they were amazing!!  

Here's the compost bin the hubs built - pretty handy, eh?

These were a nice little surprise.  I planted them last summer and they came back.

I would love to hear about your gardens!!

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