Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just The Girls

Each Spring a group of my girlfriends and I pick a place to have a girls weekend.  It's really been a great way to keep in touch now that we're a bit spread out over the country.  I was afraid we might stop doing it once we all started having kids, but I think we need it now more than ever! Here are a couple pics of us from previous years.

Sonoma 2008 (I'm the tall one)

Denver 2009

I don't seem to have a group shot from last year - Asheville, NC.  This year we are going to Sedona.  I'm super excited since I've never been there.  Actually, I've never been to Arizona!  If it looks anything like this, I'm sure I'll love it!

So, what am I packing for this trip?

This issue (May 2011) includes a feature of the home designed by Tracery Interiors that I blogged about here.

Ha!!  You can't fly on a plane without celebrity gossip, right?

Can you tell I'm excited about my magazine time?!  I do NOT get enough magazine time at home.  I went a little nuts at the grocery store at the thought of it.  I may have to take an extra bag!

I'll be back next week.  Hopefully with some fun stories and pictures!



  1. Haha, I'm a tall one too. :) Have a great time on your trip!! :) And be safe!

  2. such a great idea! looks like lots of fun :)


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